Tom Kwok



This post is intended to include a collection of videos of me singing different songs in different emotional states at different locations amid different times of my life.

My guitar playing in 2019 was better than it was in 2018 when I started although there was still a lot of room for improvement. I tried singing popular songs with self-accompaniment on a steel-string acoustic guitar. I uploaded to YouTube a video of me singing a sweet old love song Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You (1985) last week. The song was in my head after I heard a street busker perform the song during my trip. YouTube's music recognition Shazam algorithm identified my video as a cover of a Spanish version of the English song.

I uploaded a new video of me in 2021 singing a bitter love song called Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough (1992). The sader song was subconsciously chosen as a contrast to the previous song. I tried to play the exact same guitar but I have not practiced in over a year. Although I played simple chords with simple strumming, I still pressed the wrong strings for a few times.